DWI Attorney San Antonio Discusses The Effects Of A DWI

When charged or convicted of a DWI violation in the state of Texas, expect fines, lawyer-court fees, jail, vehicle impound, and just about anything else they can throw at you. Well, this is just the beginning, outside the courtroom is a new set of potential problems that we need to address so you will make the correct decision about hiring an attorney. If you are charged in the San Antonio Bexar County area, make a phone call to this experienced criminal attorney to set up a time to discuss the circumstances of your situation. Please remember, you have only fifteen days after the DWI charge to file for an administrative license hearing to prevent your Texas Driver’s License from being suspended. This DWI attorney San Antonio will provide you with all the necessary information to give you the advantage to meet all state/county requirements.

If you get your driver’s license taken away, you will have to get to work any way you can. It is time to get creative. If you have lots of friends, you may be fortunate to catch rides to and from work. Also, a great alternative is to use uber rides and pay for a lift. Another option, if you live in an area with dependable public transportation, is to ride the bus or train. If you work at a job that requires that you be at different locations until the job is completed, such as construction jobs. etc., you may find it difficult and time-consuming to be at work at the appropriate time.

If you have employment that requires you to drive a company vehicle, that will be a significant drawback to do your job at your company legally. You will have to make your boss aware of your limitations because of your DWI charge. Your company will not want to risk fines and liability if you are not able to do your job with the proper license. A DWI charge can and will affect your companies insurance policies. If you are not able to perform accordingly to your employment guidelines, you may be terminated and find yourself looking for a new job. Some jobs are more sensitive to those who have DWI charges or convictions. Law enforcement type employment whether it be police, military, lawyers, judges, etc.. Many school systems require a clean record, any positions that need you to be responsible for the well being of others. Some good examples would be doctors, clergy, daycare workers, therapist, hospital workers, and similar positions. You can lose your job or be required to appear before disciplinary boards to keep your professional licensing and employment.  These are just a few issues that can arise when charged or convicted of a DWI offense. Please visit: http://www.DWIattorneySanAntonio.net   Alex Vollmer will take the time to discuss your specific case, and give you guidelines to proceed to get the best possible result for your circumstances.

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